Changing up the page

Ok, ok, ok… I keep saying this with every post but I’m sorry it took so long to update!

I’ve been so busy, working full time, dealing with the kids, and going back to school. But I will definitely try to update more often. Especially since I’ve decided to focus a little bit on food this time around. When I do have the time (mostly on Wednesdays and Thursdays, my days off work) I like to look up different recipes online and cook them for dinner. Since I usually tweak a recipe because I’m a picky eater, I figured, why not post my tweaked picky eater recipes online? Not that it hasn’t been done before, but even the picky eater websites/blogs have stuff I don’t eat, or recipes that take way too much time. I’ll also try to add references, when available, of the website/blog that I got the original recipe from.

On another note, so much hair stuff has happened in the past 2.5 months since I last posted!

#1: my hair GREW! Um duh… But it feels so good to see growth when your hair used to be stuck at shoulder length. I have my hair in finger coils again, this is the third time I’ve done it. My hair is touching my ear, and it feels great. It was blowing in the wind! LOL… When I stretched my hair prior to putting the coils in, the front was almost touching the bottom of my nose. So I am definitely excited about my new growth, and hope it will continue. I would love to at least get back to shoulder length by the end of the year.

#2: My and my friend went to a Kinks and Drinks event (presented by Tribe Called Curl) in February in Brooklyn. It was very insightful. The drinks and gift bags were the icing on the cake! The guest speakers were Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful and Stylist Diane C. Bailey. All in all, a great experience and I’m hoping to find another natural hair meetup soon.

#3: I received the entire Pantene Truly Natural line from Naturally Curly to review (back in February), and haven’t done it yet. I use the co-wash mostly. There isn’t much to say other than their products dry my hair out. I usually follow up with my HEHH conditioner and Shea Moisture products. Everything in that line, including the oil, still contains silicones. Nothing “truly natural” about it. I’ll continue to use it because I hate wasting products, but I wouldn’t buy on my own. **Side note: Pantene products have had the same scent for years. Washing my hair with it takes me back to the days when I’d wash my Barbie’s hair with the little sample bottles, lol.

Um, what else? My son turned 5 a couple of weeks ago. I officially will have a kindergartener in September. Not too happy about that. He’s getting too old! I thought turning 3 was bad cause kids are no longer free in certain activities, but 5 is worse! He’s not a baby anymore. He’s about to start school, no more day care (I guess that part is a plus, less $$)… Ugh, next thing you know he’ll be off to college.

Lemme stop with the dramatics. Anyways, my next post will be about the last 4 recipes I cooked up. And I may update this one with pics of my hair. I’m too tired now.

Good night readers!

It’s growing!

So I took a picture in October that I meant to post up here, but I didn’t. I decided to take a comparison shot and was kinda surprised to see the amount of growth in just 3 months.


I would estimate it to be maybe an inch of growth… I want to straighten it to really see the length. Gotta head to the store for some heat protectants (as if I need anymore products!) And I will attempt to follow misskendrak’s YouTube vid on straightening a TWA.

Until next time…


Finger coils


Did my own finger coils yesterday after watching a vid on YouTube. Co-washed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner, t-shirt dried, spritzed with Creme of Nature Perfect 7 leave-in, applied my olive oil/JBCO mix, and coiled using Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard. Took about 7 hours because I kept stopping, might’ve taken only 2 without breaks. Next time I might do them smaller, especially at the nape. Any tips on how to make them better?

Got my hair did ;)

Wow, three posts in three days?!? Crazy right? Anyways I decided I needed to do something different to my head because it is growing so uneven. So for the second time this year I found someone on Instagram to hook my head up. I called up Khamit Kinks salon on Tuesday to set up an appointment.

I had been on their website and searched thru the styles that were posted. The last expensive one was the mini twists ($100). So it was decided… I mean, my hair appeared long enough to do it and I really didn’t want to pay extra for fake hair. When I called them up and asked for the mini twists, the receptionist was like, “What do you mean by mini twists?” And I was stuck, like “Um… twists”. Lol. So she said “Two stand twists?” And I was like yea. I didn’t think I had to be specific since the website simply states mini twists, but whatever. Then she said they normally need to do a consultation for first time patrons, but she just asked me a few questions about my hair, like how long is it (I said maybe 3 inches, well, my longest points are at least), is my hairline intact, and do I experience breakage. Simple. I left my non-refundable deposit of $50 over the phone and that was that.

I arrive that the salon yesterday 10 min early (and I’m never early for anything!), sign in, and wait for my stylist, Andre, to come in. He doesn’t get there till 20 min later, but I was cool with that. He gets settled, then takes me to the back to wash my hair. Now I’m used to the Dominican salons where there’s like 3 different people working on your hair. So I was a lil surprised when he washed my hair himself. But he shampooed and deep conditioned my hair using Anu Essentials products. Then we went over to his chair and he went to work. Now I’m not much of a talker, especially when I can’t see (my eyesight is horrible without glasses and I took them off while he did my hair) because I will constantly squint at you, lol. But he tried to keep the convo going. The twisting took maybe 1 hour, which was not too bad. I finally was able to put my glasses on and see what was done. I must admit, I would never be able to do them on my own hair, but he did really well. I wish I was able to see how he had done it, but oh well, I don’t have the patience anyway.

I love the style, just wish my hair was thicker and maybe an inch or two longer. I  hope they last for at least two weeks (my birthday!)


My next decision to make: to loc or not to loc. I feel as if I won’t have the patience for the maintenance they take, or the money. But my mother had suggested it a few years back and now I’m thinking about it. But we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll decide when I reach my one year chop-aversary. In three weeks (01/02) it’ll be one year since my last relaxer *go me!*

Thanks as always for reading!

PJ Much?

Well I think it’s official, I am a product junkie. Or maybe I just can’t turn down an awesome deal. Either way, I need help, bad, lol. So Walgreens has Shea Moisture products on sale for $4.99 each! I couldn’t resist!

And with my coupons that I received from Shea Moisture back in October (They gave me free samples for participating in the kids contest + coupons), I scored even better. I had a second set of coupons that I didn’t have on me but I know I’ll use them at some point in the future.


Can’t wait to try these out on me and my baby!! Side note: our birthdays are in two weeks! *does cabbage patch* lol


I actually have gotten a few positive comments on my hair recently. And they truly mean a lot, especially on days when I feel like my hair makes me look like Buckwheat. The other day, a flight attendant asked me what I used on my hair, then she said it looked good. She also said she was ready to go back to the crack, the creamy crack that is. I’m feeling that way too at this point. But then I think about all the heat damage I went thru, and decide against it.

I have noticed though, that I seem to be getting somewhat of a bald spot (or two) on either side of my head. I’ll put some pics below. But I’m not understanding what it’s happening. Luckily, I had a free $25 Amazon gift card, and bought 2 bottles of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to try and fix that right up. I also bought a pack of three Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner, some I keep seeing the name. I love both products and hope too see some better progress due to the JBCO.

If anyone has any great hair recipes including JBCO, that would be awesome. I still haven’t found the right moisturizing product for my hair. My most recent routine is to wet my hair with water, either in the shower or with a spray bottle, then adding a leave-in conditioner, an oil mix (olive oil and JBCO), and hair cream or something of that nature. The last step is what I need to work on.

Anyways, thanks for reading!


I am an Influenster! (and a BzzAgent)

If you know me, you know I *LOVE* free stuff. I’m always on the hunt for a free sample or something. I get at least one sample in the mail each day. Which is why I was excited to find out about Influenster (NikkiBCurly posted something about it on Instagram). Its basically a place for reviews, and insight on products, brands, places, etc. In order to be a member you basically need to have some type of following on a social network. So its really easy to become a member since most of us have Facebook or Twitter for starters. To gain access to “exclusive” features, you have to earn badges. Most of the time its as simple as posting something on your social network or doing surveys. And they occasionally put out VoxBoxes, which contains a variety of samples.

I unlocked the #MamaVoxBox which contained BelVita Soft Baked Breakfast biscuits, 2 boxes of Ponds BB cream (light and medium tones) Dr Scholls for Her insoles, and Annies Macaroni & Cheese. I received the box pretty quickly, and dove right in.

Influenster MamaVoxBox

I was starving that morning so I tried the BelVita biscuits. They tasted good, but didnt fill me up at all. For lunch, I tried the mac & cheese. I hated the consistency of it. It felt slimy, even after I let it sit like the instructions suggested.

I havent tried this particular sample of the insoles, however, I have purchased them before. Insoles dont really work for me and I was hoping that this one would. But alas, my feet were still killing me after a night of wearing them. Oh well for that, lol.

And last but not least, the BB cream. I am neither light nor medium, so I will not be using these creams. I dont wear makeup, but I wouldve at least tried it if it was somewhat similar to my complexion.

Another program similar to Influenster is BzzAgent. Now, I’ve been a member since 2004. The program has changed a bit much since I first started. I used to get invites for “campaigns” regularly, but now it’s really review and social media driven. I just like to receive and not take the time to review or share with others so I’ve been slacking in that area. Hence the reason for less campaigns. But I love being a BzzAgent because when I do get them, the campaigns are really good.

So do you want to be an Influenster or a BzzAgent? Shoot me your email address for an invite!

Thanks for reading!!
Jazz **MsQuietStormJ**