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So if anyone knows me, they know I love free anything. I don’t even care if I don’t need it, if it’s free, I want it. So I’ll share some links for free samples and try to update as often as I remember.

Join these sites for sample opportunities based on surveys. Usually samples are more frequent based on the feedback given by you and by the amount of clicks a customized link gets:


Get free magazine subscriptions from FreeBizMag. All of the magazines I subscribe to are free. From Family Fun to Essence to Maxim to Saveur to Us Weekly, all free. I’m never paying for a magazine again.

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Can I blame you
for making me fall for you

I feel like I need to place blame
so these feelings can be justified

You made me love you
With your kindness, honesty, caring
Your strength, your humbleness

Can I blame you
For taking advantage of the situation at hand
You’re scared to take that risk
To upgrade to the next level
To take a chance on love

It’s hard to pretend you love someone
when you don’t
But it’s harder to pretend
you don’t love someone
when you really do

So stop pretending
Let loose of your inhibitions
Cause will you blame me
When I leave you alone

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤

29 Reasons 29 Is The Weirdest Age Ever


I’ll be 29 at the end of this year, but if this doesn’t describe me, idk what does, lol

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Happy EndingsHappy Endings

1. You’re still technically considered to be in your “twenties”

Yet, the difference between who you are now versus who you were at age 20 is like something that’s even more disparate than the difference between a Kardashian and Hillary Clinton.

2. You’ve had 4 years of garbage birthdays

Nobody cares if you turn 26, 27, 28, or 29. You get nothing. No new privileges. At least when you turn 25 you get to rent a car without paying extra for the insurance. It’s something and all subsequent years are nothing.

3. You’re supposed to be grown

You can’t get out of doing anything. You just have to be responsible. Nobody is like, “Oh, you don’t have your life figured out yet? You’re still young, don’t worry!” Because you’re not young. You should have it together.

4. But, like, you don’t have it together

The only thing you…

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What’s more?

What’s more than sex but less than a relationship?

When you’re expected to be loyal and stay true, yet there’s no title. When you’re the best of friends and know everything about each other, but have no real commitment to each other. You want the best of both worlds, yet you’re in limbo. And once someone questions the situation at hand, the other denies any type of feeling other than friendship, as if the sex was just a passing of time. Unnecessary, if you will. Just a means of getting their rocks off worth you because it’s familiar. It’s safe. Which brings on the question: Does sex complicate or confuse things?

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My absolute favorite song for like the past year has been “Latch” by Disclosure. If I hear it come on, everything has to stop so I can listen to it. It’s the ringtone for my phone, and I haven’t used a song ringtone in a long time. At first listen it sounds like a stalker song, because he’s latched onto this girl and he’s knocking down boundaries and such, but it’s deeper than that. He knows what he’s found in this girl and he’s not trying to let go of a good thing. Wish more men were like that.

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Gym time

Guess who hit up the gym for the first time since I was upstate for college (9 years ago)? I’ve been here for 4 hours, did cardio, weight machines and the sauna. I am wiped out. And I kinda feel hungry. I mean, I haven’t eaten since 10, yet I still feel the food sitting in my stomach. But I know I need to eat. Feeling lightheaded, and really warm still from the sauna (I HATE the sauna). And my friend is taking forever to come out of the locker room. I think I’m gonna go next door to Subway for a foot-long.

Anyways, we’ll see if this will become a tradition, if I can get into the habit of things. My issue is starting a task and not completing it fully, or doing it for a few days and forgetting, then that’s it. I need a push in the right direction, and this might be it. Who knows?

I’m definitely gonna feel this either in a few hours or in the morning…

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The Perfect Love (Does Not Exist)

I started a book on Wattpad over a year ago and still haven’t updated it. Now this can’t possibly be writer’s block since it’s loosely based on true events, but I have no clue why I can’t continue. It’s like there’s so much I want to write but can’t put down on paper. Anyways, give it a read, tell me how you like it. Didn’t realize until today that the story has 1000+ views on Wattpad! So hyped! Lol.

As always, thanks for reading :)

The Perfect Love (Does Not Exist):


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