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So if anyone knows me, they know I love free anything. I don’t even care if I don’t need it, if it’s free, I want it. So I’ll share some links for free samples and try to update as often as I remember.

Join these sites for sample opportunities based on surveys. Usually samples are more frequent based on the feedback given by you and by the amount of clicks a customized link gets:


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MsQuietStormJ 😙❤

Can’t Hide Love

Lets go back to a time when men weren’t afraid of telling a woman that they loved or wanted them

You want my love and you can’t deny
you know it’s true, but you try to hide, yeah
You turn down love like it’s really bad, ow
You can’t give what you never had, yeah
Well bless your soul, you can fool a few, ha ha
Ah, I know the truth now so do you, how how

(You can’t hide, I betcha, hoo,)
Can’t hide love, can’t hide love, well I betcha
(girl, I betcha)
I can’t hide, yeah
(feel inside)

You can’t pretend there’s nothing there
Girl, I look in your eyes, I see you care

So why not stop trying to run and hide
You won’t find out, if you never try,

(You want my love, I betcha,)
Ooooo, yeah, whoa oh whoa
(Hoo, Betcha)

You want my love, well I betcha
(girl, I betcha)
Whoa oh whoa, I’ve a feeling inside
(feel inside)

Love has found the time for kissing, yeah
can you find the time to listen
Life’s found the time to want you, yeah
can you find the time for blissing, yeah, how, how.

Ah (several verses in harmony)

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤



Is her past with others holding you back from your future together? …Her life’s decisions keeping you from fully committing? If she had waited for you to come around, would things be how you’ve always envisioned?

They say if you love something/someone, let it go; and if they return, then it was meant to be. But does what happened with others during that waiting period determine the way you feel about the person when they come back?

I know I keep coming up with questions for yall to answer. Just looking for your opinions.

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤



Is it forever? Is it temporary? Are you just in it to pass the time? Or is there an end goal in sight?

Are you just being claimed for the time being? Is there a longevity in your future together? Are you just a placeholder until something new or better comes along?

How does one tell the difference between love and lust?

If they were to propose tomorrow, would you be ready to make that move? And happy that they consider you marriage material? Or confused because it wasn’t supposed to go that far? And upset because they didn’t see the signs?

As I’ve said before, if you can’t forsee marriage or forever in your future with that person, what is the point? Why continue to waste each other’s time? Unless the situation was agreed upon, of course. But let’s say it was agreed upon, in the beginning, but now you have changed the course. What if the other person wants to remain under the original agreement? Do you suppress your growing feelings or desires to satisfy the other person? Or to do let them go, knowing in your heart that you won’t be able to change them?

Don’t mind me, just throwing these questions out here. Does anyone have the answers?

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤

Friend: Such a Fickle Word

I’m not good with relationships of any sort; family, friends, work, school, love, online, etc. Never have been. I’ve bounced around so many “circles” when I was in school, its not even funny. Back then I  guess it was just me trying to find where I fit. And now its just coming to a realization that I’m not cut out to keep a group of friends. I would say that maybe I’m still trying to fit in somewhere, but I’d be lying, because I know I’d much rather be to myself nowadays. With a group of different minded people comes drama. And I’m getting too old for drama. I’ve realized that life is so much simpler when you fall back and only contact people ever so often. Boring, maybe. But that’s fine by me. I have social media to keep me busy, even though I don’t use it to be social, just to watch funny videos and find free samples.

I’m not one to cause drama. I try my hardest not to lose my temper. And not too many people have seen me at my lowest. But when drama finds me, it takes everything out of me not to fight (not physically of course). Because 9 times out of 10, I’ve done nothing wrong. My actions may be misconstrued, my words taken out of context, but if I am approached correctly, I would gladly explain my reasoning. However, if I am verbally attacked, I have no choice but to come back in the same manner.

So from here on out, I won’t focus on relationships in my life that were hanging by a thread anyway. Keeping people at an arms length worked for me before, less headache. I can’t deal with people’s attitudes or ever changing moods. Like one minute, they’re kissing my ass, and singing my praises; the next they’re talking behind my back to brand new people. Taking advantage of my hospitality and generosity, just straight shittin’ on me. Yeah, never again. I would stoop to that level and slander their name but they can do that all on their own.

*Rant over*

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤


Familiar scents
Familiar places
Timeless songs
A feeling of deja vú
That moment nostalgia comes over me
Don’t want to go back to those times
If only there were a way to erase my memory
Tears brimming at the creases of my eyes
But will never fall
No sense in shedding tears
The past is in the past
And that’s where it shall remain


MsQuietStormJ 😙❤

Oh, For the Love of Alcohol 🍻

The numbing effect of the sweetest drink
As it takes control of your being

Some call it truth serum
Bringing out your innermost sentiments
Your fears, desires, feelings
To anyone who would listen

Allowing you to do or say things
Your sober self wouldn’t dare

If only you had that courage
To be completely truthful

Without the assistance

Of the sweetest drink

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤