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If you’re like me, you have an arsenal of screenshot-ed (making up words now) quotes at your disposal for any and every situation. I don’t know what I did before smartphones but I’m obsessed with this feature. Anyway, my purpose for this post is just to display some of my (19 out of 224 to be exact, not including ones already posted on my Instagram) favorite quotes.




MsQuietStormJ 😙❤

Tricky Seduction *working title*

Started writing a new short story entitled “Tricky Seduction”. The first & second chapters are up on Wattpad now: It’s about a woman who is obsessed with her coworker and will stop at nothing to be with him.

Really hope you guys like it. I’m trying to figure out which way I want to take it. I have a general outline in my head but writing it out is always hard. Anyway, head over to Wattpad to read it! Remember to vote, comment, share, and follow me!


Tricky Seduction by MsQuietStormJ

*Changed the cover since it went a lil better with the story*

Free Samples

So if anyone knows me, they know I love free anything. I don’t even care if I don’t need it, if it’s free, I want it. So I’ll share some links for free samples and try to update as often as I remember.

Join these sites for sample opportunities based on surveys. Usually samples are more frequent based on the feedback given by you and by the amount of clicks a customized link gets:

House Party

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Message for the Nonbelievers

There are so many different types of love. I love food. But not in the same way that I love my family. I also love some of my friends but not in a romantic way which would only be reserved for one person. Everyone and everything is loved differently.

So why is it hard for some people to even mumble the word in casual conversation? They will skip around it in every which way (the L word, or 1•4•3) as if the word is a curse (meanwhile they have no issue saying a typical curse word). Then they go on to wonder why there are so many negative things happening to them in their life. “Woe is me! Why do bad things always seem to happen to me?”

I’ll tell you why…. You have no type of positive outlook on anything really. You expect bad shit to happen, so it does. You act as if there is no love in your life or you don’t believe in it. But as I just said, there are so many types and levels of love in life. You don’t have to be scared of it. Embrace it. If someone tells you they love you, at the very least, say thank you, even if it’s not reciprocated. Because there are some people in this world who actually don’t have that privilege, to have any form of love.

Be grateful, look at life and love in a different light, and then maybe, just maybe, things will start looking up. Instead of dwelling on the negative, on all the bad, dark things that have happened to you or around you, just make even the slightest attempt to change your outlook. Could change your life around, but you never know if you don’t try.

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤

Can’t Hide Love

Lets go back to a time when men weren’t afraid of telling a woman that they loved or wanted them

You want my love and you can’t deny
you know it’s true, but you try to hide, yeah
You turn down love like it’s really bad, ow
You can’t give what you never had, yeah
Well bless your soul, you can fool a few, ha ha
Ah, I know the truth now so do you, how how

(You can’t hide, I betcha, hoo,)
Can’t hide love, can’t hide love, well I betcha
(girl, I betcha)
I can’t hide, yeah
(feel inside)

You can’t pretend there’s nothing there
Girl, I look in your eyes, I see you care

So why not stop trying to run and hide
You won’t find out, if you never try,

(You want my love, I betcha,)
Ooooo, yeah, whoa oh whoa
(Hoo, Betcha)

You want my love, well I betcha
(girl, I betcha)
Whoa oh whoa, I’ve a feeling inside
(feel inside)

Love has found the time for kissing, yeah
can you find the time to listen
Life’s found the time to want you, yeah
can you find the time for blissing, yeah, how, how.

Ah (several verses in harmony)

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤



Is her past with others holding you back from your future together? …Her life’s decisions keeping you from fully committing? If she had waited for you to come around, would things be how you’ve always envisioned?

They say if you love something/someone, let it go; and if they return, then it was meant to be. But does what happened with others during that waiting period determine the way you feel about the person when they come back?

I know I keep coming up with questions for yall to answer. Just looking for your opinions.

MsQuietStormJ 😙❤



Is it forever? Is it temporary? Are you just in it to pass the time? Or is there an end goal in sight?

Are you just being claimed for the time being? Is there a longevity in your future together? Are you just a placeholder until something new or better comes along?

How does one tell the difference between love and lust?

If they were to propose tomorrow, would you be ready to make that move? And happy that they consider you marriage material? Or confused because it wasn’t supposed to go that far? And upset because they didn’t see the signs?

As I’ve said before, if you can’t forsee marriage or forever in your future with that person, what is the point? Why continue to waste each other’s time? Unless the situation was agreed upon, of course. But let’s say it was agreed upon, in the beginning, but now you have changed the course. What if the other person wants to remain under the original agreement? Do you suppress your growing feelings or desires to satisfy the other person? Or to do let them go, knowing in your heart that you won’t be able to change them?

Don’t mind me, just throwing these questions out here. Does anyone have the answers?

Lyrics: “Thequestions” by Musiq Soulchild

[Verse 1:]
When I think about all the girls I’m with all the time
Yes I like to please their bodies but I feel like it’s a waste of time
Can you tell me what is wrong
I’m supposed to love the fact that I never gave a girl my heart
If I told her I did I lied but instead I tore her’s apart
Can you tell me how long

Right now I just wanna be staring into your eyes
Right now I’m so lost but when I find you I’ll be found
And I won’t have to ask all these questions like can someone tell me where you are

[Verse 2:]
What’ll happen if I settle and just go along with what I have
Cause there’s a difference between good and great
And good wasn’t built to last
Can you tell me is this all for me

Right now I just wanna be staring into your eyes
Right now I’m so lost but when I find you I’ll be found
And I won’t have to ask all these questions like can someone tell me where you are

What would it take to be (what would it take to be)
In a love I know that’s right for me (a love that’s right for me)
And I know (I know) that you don’t even know me yet
But I believe that one day I’ll be where you are…
MsQuietStormJ 😙❤